The Atlantic Ocean Is Massive

1. The Atlantic Ocean covers 20% of the world’s total surface. While it’s the second largest ocean out of the other 5 world oceans, it is the second youngest.

2. The Atlantic Ocean is incredibly deep. The deepest portion of water is the Milwaukee Deep, located off the coast of Puerto Rico. Waters here reach down an average of 10,955-feet.

3. Florida has the largest amount of coastal land bordering the Atlantic Ocean than any other US state.

History Of The Atlantic Ocean

5. The name ‘Atlantic’ is very old and dates back to Greek mythology, in which the word translates to ‘Sea of Atlas.’ Atlas was the titan responsible for standing on the very edge of the earth and hoisting up the heavens on his shoulders, a punishment derived from Zeus after the two fought for control of the heavens.

6. The Atlantic Ocean was the first to ever be crossed by ship and flown over by plane.

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge

7. There is an entire mountain range buried beneath the Atlantic Ocean known as The Mid-Atlantic Ridge. You can actually see these underwater mountain formations on satellite imagery.

8. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the longest mountain range on the planet, measuring four times the length of other major mountain ranges including the Andes and the Himalayas.